About Me

Eating and drinking have long been two of the pleasures in life I most enjoy.  My family and friends share this passion with great enthusiasm. This has made for some remarkable and unique eating experiences – from some of the top restaurants in the world to amazing home-cooked meals (both in South Africa where I live and further afield).

Blogging about food and the places I have eaten, then, makes good sense.

But this is a food blog with a twist.

So many restaurant reviews out there – full of interesting observations and recommendations – but do you ever wonder if the restaurants themselves have read these?  And taken the content on-board?

This blog serves two purposes.  Pure self-indulgence – who doesn’t love eating out?  And public service.  All the reviews posted will be sent to the restaurant (by e-mail, post, hand-delivered or carrier pigeon) so that you, the reader, can be assured as far as possible that the restaurant has actually read the review.  Restaurants will also be given the opportunity to respond on the blog – but of course there is no obligation to do so.  I will revisit some of the restaurants and update entries from time to time.

Of course, writing about restaurants always comes with caveats.  I will try to be as objective and fair as possible – measuring my conclusions against those of my eating companions.  It’s also important to remember that a review is often only based on an experience of one meal – thus somebody else may feel quite different.  Putting the avid eater in a better position to decide whether to go ‘here or there’ is the main aim.  Making reviews easily accessible to the restaurant world is an interesting experiment and we shall see how it goes.  It also seems fair.  Ultimately, we spend our cash on eating out so we can enjoy a particular kind of experience.  Disappointment, then, is not only unsatisfactory, it is also costly.

I will also occasionally post about other food matters: Wine, service, events and the like.

If you have visited any of the restaurants I write about, or have any recommendations, please comment and leave suggestions.  I’d really be interested to know what you think and what kind of experiences you have had.

Eat and enjoy,



3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Harros

    I have FINALLY got around to taking a look at your reviews. All in all, I must commend you on your objective views and all-round professional “reporting”. I found your opinions on the various restaurants to be sophisticated, yet still appealing to a pleb like me.

    Keep them coming and congratulations on a very good site.


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