YuMe, Parkhurst – Restaurant Review Revisited – A Quick Update

On Saturday night (11th August 2012) I went back to YuMe in Parkhurst.  I first reviewed the restaurant in July and you can see the review here.

I was delighted to note that:

  • All our dim-sum were served in steamers with the lids left on and
  • The dim-sum fillings were much more generous than last time.

Applause to YuMe management and staff – these small changes have made such a difference.

When you go to YuMe, be sure to try these tempura treats (order them from your waiter so they are made hot and fresh for you rather than taking them off the sushi bar):

  • The Bruce Lee.  It’s a rocket, salmon and cream cheese California Roll constructed, quite literally, inside a tube of calamari.  The whole thing is then lightly tempura’d and it is scrumptious.  The rich, creamy sushi filling complements the hot, crispy calamari which boosts flavour and texture.
  • The Gong (California) Roll:  Tempura fried tuna, asparagus and melted cream cheese.  A perfect tempura dish for those with shellfish allergies.
  • The banana tempura with chocolate sauce and ice-cream.  The bananas were not too ripe or sweet, the tempura was fresh and crunchy and the accompaniments worked well with the dish

You could pair your meal with one of the traditional Japanese beverages on the wine list.  This should prove a worthwhile foodie experiment for anyone who has not yet experienced the joys of sushi and sake.  There is also Japanese tea, Japanese beer and cocktai

Revisiting YuMe was such a pleasure, I am bound to become a regular and I’m sure ‘Yu’ will love it too.

You can telephone YuMe on +27 (0) 11 447 8984

This review was sent to the restaurant for a response on Tuesday 14th August 2012


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