YuMe, Parkhurst – Restaurant Review – 17th July 2012

Parkhurst’s new dim-summery and sushi bar is very Hong Kong, very bold, very cool.

One of the few chain restaurants in Parkhurst, YuMe is bound to have the girls at Ruby Grapefruit quaking in their boots.  Recently opened, and complete with revolving sushi bar and clashing colours, YuMe is a great option for a quick sushi, dim sum or more substantial Asian meal.

We went on a Tuesday night, arriving rather late (about 21h00) after a function.  The place was empty – but this is certainly not typical, it’s been chocka every time I’ve walked past.  In spite of the hour we were warmly welcomed by the manager and made to feel at home – with menus arriving quickly.

We ordered Haute Cabriere Chardonnay / Pinot Noir which was properly chilled and served promptly.  The wine list here forms part of the menu, so don’t expect to find any hidden jewels.  It is very small (about 10 wines) but they’re all SA favourites so everyone is sure to find something they like the sound of.

The food menu is extensive and really exciting, including sushi staples as well more inventive sushi dishes.  These include the likes of “Toro” – the most prized and expensive ‘fatty’ part of the tuna – nigiri, tempura scallop nigiri, Kobe roll (tempura beef fillet with teriyaki sauce) and greko-jap nigiri (tuna nigiri with tarama and wasabi).  There is a wide selection of dim sum and some inspired tempura plates.  Those looking for something more substantial can order from the noodle based main course range.

We had a selection of sushi and sashimi, all of which was fresh and presented beautifully.  Some might find the spice crust on some of the tuna sashimi dishes to be slightly overpowering, though chilli-lovers are sure to enjoy the burn.  We spoke to the sushi chefs as they prepared our order and we were impressed by their knowledge of the products and ingredients which went into the meal.  We also had a selection of dim-sum which were tasty.  We particularly enjoyed the beef, shitake mushroom and spring onion, the salmon, spinach and almond flakes and the sweet potato, lemon-grass and chili.  I feel the filling could have been a little more generous.  And, if I were to be a real nit-picker (al la Gok Wan on Michel Roux’s “Service!”) dim-sum should always be served in the steamer with the lid of the steamer left on.  The theatrical flourish of revealing mouth-watering, steaming dim-sum to the diner is blighted when one comes to eat them and they have turned cold and slightly sticky.

We didn’t stay for desert as it was really getting rather late, though there are some mouth-watering choices on the menu.  To the credit of the manager and staff, they didn’t start packing up chairs and tables around us – which is always bound to leave the feeling one has overstayed their welcome.

For a sushi and dim sum meal, this establishment is relatively well priced – and we did have a lot to eat.  18 dim sum, 5 plates of sushi and sashimi and 2 glasses of wine came to R 510.00.

You can call YuMe on +27 (0) 11 447 8984

Peter from YuMe responded and said:

“Thank you so much for visiting our Parkhurst branch and a big thank you for all your constructive feed back.  We do hope you pop in again, and this time try our ‘design your own noodles’ and of course try our famous melt down chocolate dessert.  Kind regards, Peter”


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